What to Expect When Disney World Reopens

Yes, Walt Disney World is making changes in response to social distancing. Does that mean that’s going to stop them from having that same Disney magic? Absolutely not!

Your safety is Disney’s highest priority. Based on what we’ve seen practiced at their other theme parks and what we’ve been told, you will definitely still be able to enjoy Walt Disney World.

Here are a few things that will be different when Walt Disney World reopens July 11th.

Disney’s Reopening Safety Rules

  • Masks! All Disney guests, two years of age and older, will be required to wear a mask. This ensures you, and everyone around you, stays healthy and safe.
  • In order to avoid large crowds, events like fireworks and parades could be suspended, however, there will still be a number of outdoor performances that will go on. Each family will have their own space to stand/sit in that will be a safe distance from others.
  • Maximum occupancy will change. Keeping the crowds tamed will be the best way for Disney to keep guests safe. When planning your trip to Disney, it will be a good idea to have a AAA Travel Agent check on availability for tickets and resort space.
  • Dining plans will be unavailable for some time, and seating may be limited, but guests will still get the chance to have the same experiences that have been offered for years.
  • In addition to suspending dining plans, they are also suspending Disney Fastpass. I suspect this will be a non-issue as crowds will already be lessened, but I recommend planning out your time, and prioritizing what you want to see and do.

Disney’s goal is to continue to provide you a memorable experience where the magic lives on. Its current focus will be safety for the masses but more intimate experiences for each guest. I know we want it to go back to what we’re used to, but that’s the same way we feel about everything.

We’re all due to have some magic moments back in our life, and what better place to get those than ‘The Happiest Place on Earth’?

Booking Your Disney Trip with a AAA Dream Maker

What is a Dream Maker? AAA’s Dream Makers are AAA Travel Agents with a focus on Disney travel.

My name is Amy K. Schneider, and aside from being a AAA Dream Maker and mega-enthusiast for Disney, I am also a certified AAA Travel Agent, and have been for 13 years.

I grew up in California enjoying the original Disneyland theme park, where Walt Disney poured his heart and soul into creating the perfect destination that many, like myself, fall in love with for a lifetime.

I became a AAA Dream Maker because Walt Disney has influenced me in many aspects of my life. He inspired me to become a travel agent because of his encouragement to explore your imagination and travel to find those magnificent experiences.

Now I take those words of wisdom and share my Disney passion every day in both my personal life and in my career. I truly pay my experience and enthusiasm forward with my friends and clients so they, too, can build their own Disney moments.

So what am I telling my clients? First, I offer my personal favorites that I know my clients will enjoy.

  • Reserve a spot for dinner with Cinderella’s Castle. It’s one of my top experiences, because who doesn’t want to eat in a princess’s castle? You’ll leave saying, “Wow, that was such a magical moment, and it was only lunch!”
  • As a Disney traditionalist, getting breakfast with Mickey at Chef Mickey’s Restaurant is a must.
  • New rides like Avatar Flight of Passage, Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, Soarin’ and It’s a Small World transport you into their worlds. Never once does my immersion break on these rides, and it makes you want to ride them again and again.
  • The thrill rides: Space Mountain and The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror are favorites because they feel like a rite of passage. It’s amazing to get to that certain age and be allowed on them. Plus, feeling my heart drop to my feet in the Tower of Terror is an experience I’ll never forget.

If you have any questions about Disney’s reopening in 2020, or want to talk to a Dream Maker about planning the best vacation possible, reach out today! Give us a call at (888) 222-6446 or make an appointment with an agent.