Where to Buy Foreign Currency

If you are traveling abroad this summer, there’s probably plenty of planning on your plate: itineraries, packing, tickets. But did you know where to buy foreign currency? Or why it’s important to have some on hand when you when you arrive?

Don’t rely on the airport, which won’t always give you the best exchange rate (or wait time). Buying and exchanging currency at AAA means you can:

  • Pre-order your currency to ensure you have exactly what you need.
  • Arrive prepared for taxis, tips and casual purchases.
  • Avoid the long lines, high fees and unfavorable exchange rates that you may find while abroad.
  • Bypass the hassle of airport or train station exchange offices.
  • Save time with one-stop banking convenience.
  • Sell your leftover foreign currency at AAA.

Whether you choose to get your foreign currency from your AAA store or from a bank, keep in mind the exchange rates you see online likely won’t be the same rates you’ll get: Those are based on the exchange of thousands of dollars. And it’s often smart to purchase or sell back currency at a place other than the airport, which often assesses additional fees. Doing a little preparation before your trip can help you save in the long run.

“Your vacation is not the time you want to spend waiting for additional funds to be wired or replacement cards to arrive,” says Ron Carr, budget and compliance officer for AAA Ohio Auto Club. That’s why we recommend bringing several different forms of payment, like a prepaid card, a credit card and cash in the right denomination for your destination.

Visit our website to find your nearest AAA store location and pre-order currency before your next trip.