Why Choose a Private Guided Tour of Ireland?

Whether you’re planning your next Ireland journey or traveling there for the first time, there are a multitude of things that can make or break the experience.

With many methods on how to see Ireland, it may be hard to decide what’s right for you. One option that you may not have considered is a private guided tour.

We know, who hires a private chauffeur? Private guided tours with a private driver are not reserved only for the elite. While private guided tours are certainly not the least expensive, they can be the most cost-effective when considering your wants and needs.

So why take a private guided tour of Ireland? There are quite a few reasons why travelers choose to go this route.

1. You aren’t driving

I know this seems like an obvious one, but it’s one of the biggest perks that come with a private driver. Aside from just not feeling like driving some days, driving in Ireland can be especially daunting for some. With different traffic laws, types of roadways, and driving on the opposite side of the road, it’s a huge advantage to have someone familiar with the country to be driving for you. Not only will it be more comfortable to leave the driving to your chauffeur, you also get to focus on the beautiful green landscape while they focus on the road.

2. You will get from point A to point B more efficiently

To maximize your experience, you’ll want to cover as much ground as possible while also taking in the sights, culture, and experiences. You will find no better way to do this than with a private guided tour. Travel by car is much faster than public transport, and in a country like Ireland, many top destinations are spread out, so you won’t want to waste any time getting there. And, with a smaller vehicle, and no other guests aside from you, you’ll feel much more in control of your time.

3. They know where to go.

Private drivers are more than likely locals of the region you’re visiting, so they’ll know exactly where to go for the experiences you’re looking for. Also, the driver will be able to maneuver into places larger vehicles can’t go, and the photo opportunities will be more private.

4. A wealth of knowledge.

As mentioned above, the guides are, in most cases, from Ireland. You’re encouraged to ask questions at any time, and they will also be able to give you insider knowledge on the best places to eat, and hidden gems to visit. Ireland is their home, so they’ll be more than happy to answer questions and immerse you into their culture.

5. Flexibility is key.

A major perk of having a private guided tour of Ireland is the flexibility. Do you need to stay longer than 15 minutes at a photo opportunity? Do you see something along your route that makes you want to stop to discuss it more with your driver? You can do that! It’s your itinerary, so take advantage!

6. Great for families.

If you like escorted tours but are travelling with your spouse, kids and grandma and grandpa, it might be hard to find the right itinerary to suit everyone’s needs. Multigenerational tours can be tough to accommodate, but with a private chauffeur, things can change on the spot. Ireland is full of different experiences with different activity levels, so if someone needs to have a slower pace for the day or needs to skip an activity, it’s no problem! With a private guided tour, you’re in control of the itinerary, and, as we said above, flexibility is key.

If a private guided tour of Ireland sounds like the perfect way to vacation, but you’re worried about where you’ll find a reputable driver, don’t sweat it! AAA Travel Agents have a variety of trusted tour partners that they can recommend and book for you, so the trip will be a piece of cake from the moment you start planning it.

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