You Didn’t Get Hired. Now What?

Handling rejection can be hard in any aspect of life, but not getting that job you’ve been dreaming of can be downright brutal. Here are some positive ways to handle job rejection.

Next steps to take after a job rejection

  • When you get the call or email saying the company that you just interviewed with went with another candidate, take the time to weigh your pros and cons of the position. After meeting with the team, did you like the culture? Are there aspects that, deep down, you didn’t like? Or was the job really what you expected?
  • Next, consider what you’ll do differently for future interviews. Did the hiring team ask a question that made you pause and think hard? Great! Remember that question, pick it apart and tackle it for your next interview. Don’t just wait for them to bring it up; think of examples to demonstrate your knowledge.
  • Did you receive feedback from the recruiter or manager? If so, use that to apply to your next interview. A rejection after an interview doesn’t have to be a rejection at all. It is a learning experience; some may even call it a “challenge accepted” situation. With each interview, you learn more about yourself and your capabilities. You’ll learn after each interaction with a hiring team, situation or scenario for the next time. It’s a stepping stone into something that will ultimately be the perfect fit for YOU!

Let that “rejection” motivate you and add to your fire. The most important thing to remember is to never stop trying. If the company took the time to interview you, then they found value in what you bring to the table. So if it is a company you are chasing, keep chasing it! Most likely, they will consider you again. If it is a skill, continue to master it.
And again, never, ever give up. The right position is out there – and it might be your next interview!

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Rachel Hawkins is a Recruiter for AAA Ohio Auto Club.

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